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Here in our company, we provide digital promotional marketing for companies here in Sterling Heights, MI. To give you an insight, we’ve listed below all of our services:


What is digital marketing, and what are the different types of digital marketing services, you may ask? To answer your question, digital marketing is any type of promotional activity done on the web. Digital marketing has changed significantly in the past decade, which completely evolved from TV and radio marketing. Now, as we continue to evolve with technology, the internet has helped many businesses gain more attraction through social media, online video platforms, and search engines like Google. Customers today are more connected with the internet, which is why digital marketing is today’s best way of advertising your company and generating more leads.

Digital Competitive Analysis

This type of service includes improving your website’s SEO and Pay-per-click performance to let you gain a performance boost and generate more leads! This is very helpful since most companies nowadays are using data-driven digital marketing campaigns.

Website Design & Development Services

As you may already know, your website and other websites feed information to Google and other search engines. This is why Google and other high-authority search engines are the foundation of your site and other site’s presence and search visibility. Our company’s professional website design and development services will definitely boost your online presence. We build professional campaigns that meet the standards set by Google for page speed and total experience. This will definitely help you gain more traffic to your landing page and turn more site visitors into leads.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Another important digital marketing service that we offer is SEO. Most websites today require proper SEO to gain more organic website traffic and generate sales along the way. The better the SEO services, the more chances that you’ll get more audience for your site. If you want your business to generate more website or organic traffic, sales, and potential leads, you really need SEO for it to work.

Local SEO

Many consumers nowadays go online to find localized services, and most of the time, they use search engines to search for something that they want. Availing our local SEO services will help you connect with your customers even more, as they will be able to search for your business online easily.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click

Pay-per-click advertising is a great strategy to use. It’s good for a long-term or short-term strategy for digital marketing. This will help you position your company at the top, as it quickly helps you get instant visibility and leads. You don’t have to wait to grow rankings, as this is enough to help you gain the advantage above quickly. Our PPC services include optimizing your digital campaigns and increasing your total digital marketing campaign ROI.

Display Advertising Services

Display advertising is a great form of Pay-per-click marketing that targets unsuspecting consumers based on your current customer/client demographic. We want to help you create very engaging ads that will definitely boost your website and brand.

Remarketing Advertising

Have you ever tried searching for something online and see what you’re searching on other sites as well or wherever you may browse? That’s called remarketing advertising. This will really help you gain many customers as you’ll be gaining more as they search for your product.

Email Marketing

This is a great and cost-effective strategy to grow your website or business visibility, as this type of marketing generates an average of $45 of revenue every time $1 is spent. Our team of
experts can help your business at the top with your existing customers and prospects by
creating and sending customized newsletter emails per month. Our professional team handles copywriting, designing, and more while you generate more traffic and sales.

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, social media users spend three to five hours per day just browsing on their
downloaded applications and platforms, which makes social media marketing an absolutely
amazing strategy when advertising your products or services. Social media marketing has proven to be one of the best strategies today and if you want to generate leads or gain more sales for your product or site on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, then make sure to call us today.

Lead Recovery Services

Every business loses leads, and it’s something that’s inevitable. However, with our lead
recovery services, we’ll be able to get back lost leads for you to regain the revenue you had with those numbers of leads previously lost. We want you to succeed, and it’s our job to make that happen.

Website Chat Services

We also provide top-quality website chat services that make customer communication simple and efficient for your team and customers. We can customize your website chat capabilities with both live chat and artificial intelligence or AI. This will greatly help you gain more chat interaction with your customers and gain an increased percentage of booked appointments.

Over-the-Top Advertising

OTT advertising is just another great type of digital marketing advertising which boosts your brand online. This will also improve your leads and brand awareness by leveraging Over-the-top advertising to greatly complement PPC, SEO, and your overall online presence.

Customer Service Training

Ever want to improve your team’s current power of call monitoring and improve their customer service skills? Well, worry no more! Our company provides time-tested and proven customer service training to greatly help you increase your return on marketing investments. Another benefit of this service training is that we’ll be able to help you track phone calls and extract the most value possible from every phone call by identifying how to gain more potential leads or customers from your inbound phone calls.

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